Save on cost

Sending unlimited messages and calls without any cost, for sure make you save money at the end of the year but it nothing comparable to the value of your private's life nor the price of the risks you can avoid by using Vortex.

Vortex doesn't know how much you value your private's life but Vortex know for sure the cost leaks and industrial spying can induce. It is sufficient to look at the insurance price to get a good idea about it.

Insurers are raising deductibles and in some cases limiting the amount of coverage to $100 million, leaving many potentially exposed to big losses from hacks that can cost more than twice that.

The price of cyber coverage – which helps cover costs like forensic investigations, credit monitoring, legal fees and settlements – varies widely, depending on the strength of a company’s security which vortex strengthen a lot. But the overall trend is sharply up.

As more companies realize the importance of having coverage, and insurers move in to meet that demand, the cyber insurance market is set to triple to about $7.5 billion over the next five years, according to a recent study by consulting firm PwC.

Higher deductibles are also now common for retailers and health insurers. And even the biggest insurers will not write policies for more than $100 million for risky customers. That leave companies like Target, which says its big 2013 data breach has cost $264 million, paying out of pocket.