Quantum threat

Since the popularisation of the internet, our life has become huge networks in which the virtual and physical worlds flow into each other. Nowadays, most of our communication has taken a binary form of ones and zeros, letting a tiny little place for our physical communications.

Consider a year's worth of communications, or maybe even a lifetime of communications, collectively, this tells a lot. In fact, it tells your preferences, relations, habits, secrets, where you have been, who you have met, etc. It tells even more about your life that you know. But the scariest part about this is that our data now mostly lasts forever, in fact, your data can and will outlive you.

If we consider that most communication systems use basic encryption algorithms which can be broken by actual technologies, it simply means that we've not the full control over our private communications.

If we also think further and consider quantum computers which are now enough mature to grow fast, it is naive to think that our secrets and private life won't easily be red by all organizations which have been able to store our communications.

Without a proper solution, many people will be in a deep shit for the coming years.


Vortex provide you the full control and protection over your private communications and strongly protect your private's life for now but also for the years to come since it use the rare greatest technological advancements available in the cryptography and blockchain technological domains.