Be protected

Take advantage of a military security level and easy to use communication system to avoid hacks and leaks related issues. Learn more...

Save on cost

Private messages and calls are completely free for you to save huge costs for all of your communications. Learn more...

Swiss made

Industrial performances and Swiss quality, privacy, and trust for you to obtain the best. Learn more...

Details make perfection.


Security & Quality.

Vortex's algorithms and protocols are approved at a "MILITARY LEVEL" by international and EU standards and therefore literally provide one of the world's most secure communication system. Vortex is powerful, efficient, and yet very simple to use. Vortex is designed to be enjoyed.

Vortex knows as much as you why protection against massive industrial spying and leaks related issues are within the world's most costly insurance plans and how enjoyable it is to take the control back over your data. Vortex make you feel relax when communicating with your friends and colleagues because it gives you an armored protection and a full control.

Would you sell or rather keep your freedom, secrets, and private life?

Blockchain authentication

The authenticity of your contacts is guaranteed by an incorruptible and indestructible distributed ledger.

Post-quantum cryptography

Encryption algorithms resist to actual and next-generation quantum computers attacks.

Self-destructing messages

Send self-destructing files and messages in order to avoid leaving any trace and links.

P2P communications

Data are directly sent to your contacts, our server does not proxy any communications.

Seizure proof

Data are strongly encrypted on your device and you can delete all your data in one click.

verified_user Phishing proof

Protection against sending and receiving baits. No one can set you a trap.


Anyone can verify and improve the source code. More eyes, more secure.


TOR and VPN solutions are compatible but not included.

When do you need Vortex?